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                  igital marketing has been high on   which gives print a place in the   rocket science: marketing automation
               Dbrand owners’ agendas for much of   automated marketing world. As the   solutions are designed to integrate
               the last decade, but it now dominates   ‘programmatic’ label suggests, the   with a wide range of tools, including
               discussion for the wrong reasons.   concept is related to programmatic   digital print. And there are many
               Digital isn’t working as well as it used   marketing (automated real-time   print service providers (PSPs) out
               to, because consumers are turning off   bidding for online advertising) and   there with automated print workflows
               from it in growing numbers. For some,   to programmatic mail (where a   who will be only too happy to help.
               it’s about lack of trust. For others, the   customer’s online interaction generates   The adoption of high speed
               volume of digital content is simply   a targeted piece of direct mail).  production inkjet technologies has
               too great — so huge that it’s squeezed   Programmatic Print links   further enabled this opportunity,
               consumers’ average attention spans   marketing automation platforms   with many PSPs now benefiting
               to as short as eight seconds. Turning   with the highly-automated digital   from the flexibility, high quality
               off the digital channel isn’t an option,   print production workflow. The same   and attractive economics, allowing
               because digital marketing is here to   up-to-date customer information that   brand owners to realise the value and
               stay.                            sends an email or triggers a banner   communicate more effectively with
                 It’s against this backdrop that print   ad is used to generate a personalised   their audience.
               is making a comeback. Print is a   print file that delivers emotionally   Canon’s role as a leading digital
               lot easier on the eyes and ears than   appealing, high-quality print to   printing solutions provider involves
               digital, and it also has a non-verbal   prospects, usually within 24 hours.  bringing brand owners and PSPs
               power that’s way more effective than   Programmatic Print is most   together to identify the opportunities
               digital. Print reaches deeper into   powerful at ‘the time of high intent’,   that Programmatic Print opens up,
               our consciousness, even triggering   that moment in the customer journey   and to put in place the best strategy
               activity in the part of the brain where   when engagement is at its strongest.   to exploit them. Inkjet technology is a
               we assess the value of products.  Imagine you’re a car manufacturer   great way to use programmatic print,
                 But at first sight there’s a flaw   whose website allows customers   as this new segment is becoming
               in the argument for adding print   to interactively try out paint and   increasingly important.
               to a campaign – it lacks the ‘real-  upholstery colours. Next morning a
               time’ response that consumers    personalised brochure arrives in the   For further information, please
               and brands have got used to. While   post, colours identical to those chosen   contact, Chris Aked, International
               this is undeniable, it’s much less   yesterday. There’s a hotline number   Business Development Manager, at
               important than you might think,   to the local dealer for a test drive too.  [email protected]
               thanks to Programmatic Print,     Combining print + pixels isn’t

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