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               YOUR                                                                                                    soapbox



               NEEDS YOU!

                    hile Parliament has   Regional Board structure   per year           » Are interested in the
               Wbeen in recess, there's   and the Regional Directors  » Online meetings are 1.5   future of the industry and
               been no rest for the BPIF's    » Deciding the three-yearly   hours         the bigger picture across
               lobbying efforts. With a HM   Priorities for Print, based   » Face-to-face meetings   manufacturing as a whole,
               Treasury consultation into   on a survey of members  are 2.5 hours, followed by   and want to help shape it
               business rates soon to close,   » Discussing problems and   lunch        » Are interested in (but not
               preparations for the end of   challenges, and suggesting  » There are also ad hoc   necessarily knowledgeable
               the Brexit transition period   solutions and how best to   email discussions in   about) politics and policy
               and Government COVID      achieve them             between meetings        in a non-partisan manner
               support schemes still in   » Feeding into regular                        » Are enthusiastic and
               place, there’s plenty to do.   meetings with the   We’re looking for       committed
               It’s more important than   Department for Business,   members who:
               ever that the BPIF – and   Energy & Industrial                             You can find out more
               political decision makers –   Strategy           » Are knowledgeable about   about the Government
               hear from our industry.    » Inputting into the theme   the industry in their local   & Industry Committee
                 That’s why we need you.   for Members’ Day and   areas                 in the lobbying section
               The BPIF's Government     plans for parliamentarian   » Want to represent the   of the BPIF website,
               & Industry Committee is   engagement               industry to Government &   including its membership
               looking for new members to   » Planning engagement with   Parliament     and summaries of recent
               help represent the industry   the All-Party Parliament   » Are interested in the   meetings.
               to decision makers and    Group on Print           problems and challenges
               shape the future of print.                         facing the industry, and –   If you’re interested in
               Joining the Committee is   How the Committee works:  importantly – in working   joining, please contact your
               a great way to give back to                        towards solutions     Regional Director here.
               the industry.            » The Committee meets   » Are interested in trends
                 The Committee’s         three times a year,      across the industry,
               functions include:        currently using online   including economics,
                                         conferencing but hopefully   employment, skills,
               » Bringing issues forward   soon back to our rota of   productivity, competition,
                 from their regions,     two online meetings and   etc.
                 including via the BPIF's   one face-to-face meeting

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