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                   he summer saw Brexit bounce   If you’re planning on trading with   New immigration system
               T back onto the agenda as COVID-19   the EU, we’ve published a list of actions   From 1 January 2021, free movement
               lockdown restrictions were lifted.   you need to take between now and   will end and the UK will introduce a
               The end of June saw teams of UK   December, regardless of the outcome of   points-based immigration system.
               negotiators arriving in Brussels for face-  negotiations. You should, by now, have   The new system will treat EU and
               to-face talks with EU Chief Negotiator   your EORI number if you trade with   non-EU citizens equally. Under a
               Michel Barnier, describing October as   Europe, but that’s just the first step.   points-based immigration system,
               the “moment of truth” for a free trade                           points are assigned for specific skills,
               deal to be done.                 Tariff arrangements             qualifications, salaries and occupations.
                 At the time of writing, there’s no sign   Without a free trade agreement with   Visas are then awarded to those who
               of an agreement being reached. The   the EU, January 2021 will see the UK’s   gain enough points.
               gridlock is still centred on the two most   trading regime default to WTO rules.   If you plan to employ staff from the
               problematic issues: ‘level playing field’   Under the system of Most Favoured   EU after January 2021, you’ll need to be
               regulations and fishing. At an internal   Nations, the UK Global Tariff will come   aware of the new system, but it won’t
               briefing, Barnier reportedly said the UK   into force to replace the EU Common   apply to EU citizens already living here,
               had scaled back some of its aspirations   External Tariff. It will apply to trade with   if they apply for the EU Settlement
               and was now seeking what constituted   countries around the world that the UK   Scheme.
               a “low-quality, low-profile” agreement,   does not have an agreement with. This   The basic principle is that all
               but one that would still provide tariff-  could, of course, include the EU.   applicants coming from overseas will
               and-quota-free access to the EU market.   The intention is that the UK Global   need 70 points to be eligible. All must
                 The EU remains staunch that it will   Tariff reflects the needs of the British   have the offer of a job by an approved
               not allow the UK this level of access   economy. So, in some areas, tariffs   sponsor (20 points), a job at the
               unless it signs up to ‘level playing   are being maintained to protect UK   appropriate skills level (20 points) and
               field’ principles that minimise the   producers. For example, they will still   the required level of English (10 points).
               risk of Britain undercutting the EU on   be charged on most types of vehicles   They’ll then need to make up another
               environmental regulations, workers’   coming in to the country to protect the   20 points, which are awarded depending
               rights and state aid for business.  UK automotive sector (usually 10%)   on the salary level and education of
                 With regard to fishing, the EU wants   and also on most agricultural products.   the applicant. For example, a job with
               to continue the status quo on access   But the Government is removing all   a salary of £23,040-£25,599 is worth
               to British fishing waters, and the UK   tariffs below 2.5%, which it refers to   another ten points, as is a relevant PhD.
               wants higher quotas for its own fishing   as ‘nuisance tariffs’. It is also cutting
               boats. To make any deal on fishing it   back on the number of different tariffs   More on the new Points Based System
               seems the EU will have to concede some   applied. So some of the tariffs the UK   can be found on page 9 of this issue,
               quotas to Britain. Under consideration   has been charging as part of the EU   and on the Home Office website.
               is a phased plan that would give   will disappear – in areas, for example,
               EU fishermen some medium-term    where there isn't that much domestic   For the latest on Brexit, please visit
               certainty. Some of the inland states   UK production that needs protecting. As
               support a compromise, but any such   a result, 47% of all products will have
               arrangements continue to be protested   zero tariffs. Paper and board will remain
               by France.                       at 0%. Some items – for example,
                 At the same time, the Government   photographic film – that were tariffed at
               launched its post-COVID, pre-real-Brexit   6.5% under the Common External Tariff
               information campaign. The multi-  will be reduced to 0% under the new
               million ‘The UK’s New Start: Let’s Get   regime.
               Going’ advertising began on 13 July   Use the UK Global Tariff Tool to find
               via TV, radio, online and text message.   out the tariffs that will apply to goods
               Businesses and individuals have been   you import from 1 January 2021. You
               encouraged to use the new ‘Check,   can also use this tool to check the
               Change, Go’ online tool to find out what   difference between any tariffs you
               they need to do.                 currently pay and what you’ll pay from
                                                January onwards.
               New border operating model
               Whether there’s a deal made or not, a
               new border operating model will kick in
               from January 2021. There will be three
               stages towards full border control, with
               different requirements brought in from
               January, April and then July. You can
               check out the full table on our website.

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