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               FOLLOWING GOVERNMENT                                                                                    60 second interview

               COVID-19 GUIDELINES

               We speak to BPIF Head of Health & Safety Mandy Robson about how the BPIF has
               responded to COVID-19 and the return to work.

               What have BPIF done specifically in   » Following this, if an employee doesn’t   All of our teams have reacted really
               order to ensure businesses follow   feel safe returning to work, they may   well, they’re speaking out with their
               crucial health and safety guidance at   blow the ‘whistle’ on the company,   views, and communicating our plans
               this time?                        which could lead to the Health &   will continue through the coming
               All BPIF staff have been working   Safety Executive visiting the site. If   months.
               remotely and a small team met via a   the HSE identify operations which
               Zoom call on a daily basis to ensure   are not COVID-Secure, with a lack   What are the biggest challenges that
               that the focus was correct and to review   of suitable and sufficient action   BPIF members are facing regarding
               and interpret the latest news into   undertaken, this could lead to an   being COVID-Secure?
               print-related guidance documents, risk   Improvement Notice issued on the   The biggest challenges members are
               assessments, letters and templates for   company, or even a Prohibition   facing are:
               members to utilise within their own   Notice which could halt operational
               businesses.                       proceedings                    » Mainly social distancing for those
                 A central email address was                                      working with limited space within
               introduced for members as a      Do you see the working environment   their operation;
               ‘Coronavirus Help Line’ – this support   going back to some sort of normality?  » An increase number of mental health
               fed through to experts in HR, Health   I’m not sure that I know what ‘normality’   issues have been raised with us,
               & Safety, Mental Health First Aiders   is anymore, everyone’s talking about   where employees are at home and
               and Legal, all providing a 24-hour   the ‘new normal’! My thoughts are that   they’re experiencing a great deal of
               turnaround to respond to their   through the pandemic, businesses have   anxiety;
               particular concerns. The line is still   changed how they operate so we see a   » Confidence issues for those returning
               open to support our members where   change in advice requirements right   to work after many months out of the
               required – [email protected]  now, where members are returning   workplace;
                                                to work and they’re adapting to how   » Staying on top of the continual
               What are the consequences of not   they operate within a COVID-Secure   changes within Government
               following Government COVID-19    workplace and how their staff focus on   instructions;
               guidelines?                      delivering the end product.     » Along with the risk of local lockdowns
               Where suitable and sufficient risk   I hope that through 2021 we’ll start   which change the controls which our
               controls are NOT deployed, the following   to see things a lot more settled, and   members have on their businesses
               could occur:                     the Government focusing on the
                                                introduction of a vaccine, which will   We’re continuing to review our
               » Symptomatic cases could occur on   bring us somewhat closer to the normal   COVID-Secure Road Map, and
                 site, causing a local outbreak which   we remember.            introducing new guidance and
                 could lead to fatality or multiple                             support tools.
                 fatalities                     Internally, how have BPIF employees
               » Since the introduction of the   reacted and engaged with you
                 Coronavirus Act 2020, there are legal   regarding returning to work?
                 obligations to meet, which if not taken   Two of our BPIF offices are now COVID-
                 seriously could lead to prosecution  Secure, where a risk assessment
               » An employee could place a grievance   has been completed and all controls
                 on a company if they do not feel   introduced to allow those who need
                 appropriate risk assessments have   to attend a local BPIF office, can do so
                 been completed, with controls in place   safely. A COVID-Secure kit has been
                 to prevent contraction of COVID-19   issued to each employee to protect them
                 – this could lead to unfortunate   if they’re required to leave their home,
                 financial costs                and from local feedback the kits have
                                                been very well received.

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