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           How HP’s cloud-based software can help printers transition to new business models
           and plug the gap between the print buyer and the print producer.

              P Site Flow is an
           Hinfrastructure and
           workflow automation
           solution that’s now
           used by print services
           providers (PSPs) in around
           40 countries. Last year,
           200 million items were
           produced through the
             The HP Site Flow
           solution was designed to
           help organisations take
           their first steps in online
           ordering, and HP now
           offers a ‘light’ version. This
           enables PSPs to get started
           within an hour or two, and
           then a brand or another                                                  next few years they can be
           print service provider can                                               equipped for that as well –
           get connected to them and                                                because the old business
           start submitting jobs.                                                   model of having a large
             There are two products                                                 army of road warriors
           involved: HP Site Flow,                                                  out there selling print
           which is the receiving                                                   across the country is just
           tool, and HP Brand Centre,                                               not economically viable
           which is used by anyone                                                  anymore.
           to send the orders. As a                                                  We’ve built a system that
           service provider, you get                                                is easy to configure and
           both of them so you can                                                  fast to deploy. Some of our
           send and receive. There are                                              customers have deployed
           no monthly subscription                                                  it in as little as a week and
           fees.                   customers taking their first   is barcode driven as well,   have been in a position
                                   foray in providing digital   so very little operator   where they've been able to
           A common plug           orders and providing an   intervention is required.  produce and ship thousands
           We help PSPs create     API. Not all printers have                       and thousands of jobs in the
           faster, easier connections   the technical capabilities to   New business models  days following that.
           with other PSPs and with   set up an API themselves.   If you look at online buying   Any PSP or brand can
           brands. By creating a single   But as soon as they sign   behaviour, in general   take advantage of our
           gateway, a single platform,   up for HP Site Flow Light,   consumers are now either   solutions, irrespective of
           that both the brands and   they have an API, they have   completing transactions   whether they are producing
           the print service providers   credentials, and people   without human interaction,   on HP devices.
           connect to, everyone    can connect to the PSP and   or they are doing the
           gets a common adapter   send orders.             research for the products   To find out more about
           – a common plug, and a    Any job that comes in isn't   that they want to buy online,   HP Site Flow, visit
           common interface to be able   touched until it gets printed.   and then calling up to place
           to shift the jobs around.  Every single pre-press step   the order.      or email us at
             HP Site Flow Light    is automated, and then all of   We provide that toolset   [email protected]
           is typically geared for   the scheduling and shipping   to PSPs, so that over the

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