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               STAY CONNECTED

               It is still vital that we all continue to stay connected as we begin to return to work and
               adapt to what is being referred to as the 'new normal’. A reminder to stay up-to-date with
               our event listings on our website,, including our partner and               webinars
               member webinars/virtual experiences. Please share your events with us, and if you would
               like them to be listed on our website, please email [email protected]


               We are delighted to be   We welcome any input on
               continuing our Print     future webinars, and please
               Network Webinar Series   do visit our website below if
               fortnightly. A big thank   you missed a session.
               you for the support and
               collaboration from all our   A few past webinars
               members. This gives us   include:
               a great platform to share                                     THE BPIF
               updates, knowledge and key   » Supply Chain
               information. Hosted by our   » Cash Flow/Finance     PRINT NETWORK
               BPIF Regional Directors –   » Back to work / Restructure
               Dawn Reid, Darren Shepherd  » Legal/HR COVID-19      WEBINAR SERIES
               and Marcus Clifford, the   landscape
               webinar series has been
               keeping you updated on   Please click here to watch
               important matters affecting   all of our webinars so far.
               the print industry during the                      #PRINTNETWORKSERIES                  BRITISHPRINT.COM
               COVID-19 pandemic.

               FUTURE                   While each industry faces   at 11.00am and further   below and visit the website
                                                                information on this session
                                                                                        to view the full speaker
                                        individual challenges, there
               FOCUS:                   are some more generic   will be released next week.   line-up.
                                        trends that have been     Future Focus is one day
               A virtual event to address   accelerated by this crisis,   full of powerful insights.  Register for Future Focus
               the post COVID-19        such as the future of work; a   Join us. Register now for   Or find out more
               environment. Recovery,   greater focus on health; and   your complimentary BPIF
               Strategy, Leadership.    a completely digital native,   member place by clicking
                 Future Focus, brought   socially distanced, mass
               to you by BPIF, VMC and   consumer.
               BOSS is a one day online   Case studies of innovation
               event for the printing,   throughout the COVID-19
               creative digital and business   crisis will combine tangible
               supplies industries, driven   business solutions with
               by the immediate concerns   examples of inspiring
               of coping with the current   leadership. Panel sessions
               challenges of emerging from   will debate the way forward
               lockdown and planning the   for each sector and we are
               way ahead.               encouraging our audience to
                 The COVID-19 pandemic   join this debate.
               has drastically altered   The BPIF will also host
               the business landscape.   its annual Members’ Day

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