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                                   of employers who used the
                   90%             BPIF for training were likely or    78%             of employers reported
                                   extremely likely to recommend
                                                                                       improved productivity
                                   the BPIF for their training

                                   of employers                                        of apprentices agreed
                    74%            reported improved                   71%             their chances of earning a
                                   product or service
                                                                                       higher wage in the future
                                                                                       had increased

                   APPRENTICES BEING
                   MADE REDUNDANT

                  As the job retention scheme ends, we are unfortunately starting to see apprentices
                  becoming at risk of redundancy. We are asking our members who are considering
                  hiring an apprentice to consider hiring one who may be part way through their
                  study. Not only will you be eligible for the same apprenticeship incentives under the
                  Government’s plans for jobs should the apprentice be employed for 365 days, but you
                  will also benefit from an apprentice who is employment ready. What’s more, you’ll be
                  giving the apprentice the well-deserved opportunity to complete their programme.

                  If you’re currently considering recruiting an apprentice, please contact Ceri Priddle,
                  Training Co-ordinator, at [email protected] She might be able to match you
                  with one of our apprentices or support you with the recruitment process.

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