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           HOW 5S


           HELPS MANAGE

           COVID-19 WORKPLACE


              S methodology is       COVID-19 or other      » Compare current      The implementation of 5S
           5an effective way to      contamination           conditions against    Workplace Organisation
           organise safe and efficient                       standards for auditing  requires understanding of
           workplaces in production   SET-IN-ORDER          » Use objective standards   fundamental Lean principles,
           areas and offices and   » Clearly identify social   so management can   ergonomics, visual
           a useful technique to     distancing areas        enforce (only if necessary)  management, learning
           aid COVID-19 hazard     » Minimise handling and   compliance with COVID-19  cycles, communications etc.
           management.               contamination of materials   protection and other   Without training, 5S is not
             Companies often do big   and equipment          regulatory requirements   easy to implement.
           tidy-ups, perhaps prompted   » Safely store available PPE
           by an important customer   with visual stock control  SUSTAIN           COVID-19 Hazard
           visit. But, despite everyone’s                   » Maintain safer work   Management
           best intentions, unsafe and   SHINE               areas for employees and   5S workplace organisation
           inefficient untidiness soon   » Establish anti-COVID-19   customers     is just one part of wider
           returns. 5S (sometimes    cleaning routines      » Ensure employee      risk assessments and
           known as 5C) is a five-step   » Clean and sanitise work   engagement for a safe,   management necessary to
           process for implementing   area and items         efficient workplace   counter COVID-19 hazards.
           sustained safe and efficient                     » Systematic management-  Risk assessments
           workplace organisation.   STANDARDISE             led auditing regime   must be thoroughly
                                   » Define hygiene standards   » Continued identification   conducted before 5S
           How 5S workplace          for COVID-19 and other   of improvement       workplace organisation
           organisation works        hazards                 opportunities         is implemented to ensure
                                   » Use visual aids for training          5       all safety concerns are
           SORT                                                                    properly addressed.
           » Minimise items and
             surfaces needing to be                         4                      For more information about
             sanitised to prevent                                                  appropriate and effective
                                                                         SUSTAIN   risk assessments, see the
                               2                                         (custom &   UK Government Health and
                                                         STANDARDISE               Safety Executive website:
                 1                           SHINE        (conformity)    including
                                                                                   a PDF on working safely
                                          (clean-to-check)                         during COVID-19 which
                               SET IN                                              can be found here.
                SORT         (configure)

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