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                   TRADEPRINT’S 5S EXPERIENCE

                   In March, just prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, Matthew   at the centre. It was especially encouraging to work
                   Peacock, Process Improvement Specialist, and a BPIF   with Matthew again, whom had helped years ago
                   Affiliate Consultant, facilitated 5S introduction at   to introduce lean manufacturing, including 5S, to a
                   Tradeprint in Dundee.                        printing company in Leicestershire.
                    Anthony Rowell, Tradeprint Sales & Customer   "The lockdown reinforced our commitment to
                   Success Director said "Rod Scrimgeour (Tradeprint   ensuring the workplace is safe and secure for our
                   CPIO) and I wanted to bring the voice of the customer   employees. We were literally implementing the 5S plan
                   closer to manufacturing. We decided to introduce 5S   in our digital department when lockdown arrived. We
                   into the digital department to prepare the area for   took the learnings from 5S and developed cleaning
                   new investments, provide a blueprint for rolling out   regimes across the entire plant.
                   5S across the rest of the business and re-enforce the   "When we needed to set-up a ‘Pick and Pack’
                   continuous improvement culture.              department overnight to support companies with
                    "5S only works with people’s engagement and we   COVID-19 related products, we applied 5S principles
                   needed champions within the business to help drive a   from the get-go – the foundations and plans provided
                   cultural shift. The BPIF came to our site early in March   by Matthew and the BPIF helped us understand the
                   for a day of workshops with the team and we set to   challenges but moreover helped us to overcome them.
                   work.                                         "With 5S, our continuous improvement journey with
                    "Why did we ask the BPIF for help? BPIF Specialist   the BPIF has only just begun, but we are confident this
                   Services provides cost-effective solutions to support   will help us get used to the ‘new’ normal as we come
                   a wide range of initiatives with process improvement   out of lockdown."

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