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           PRINT –

           IT'LL GO ON,

           THRIVE AND

           BE BRILLIANT

           BPIF CEO,               What is the biggest      and adapting to a changed   will be needed. Longer term,
                                                                                    support for real investment
                                                            economy and market.
                                   challenge faced by the
           Charles Jarrold,        industry in terms of                             – in re-equipping to help
           answers                 returning to work and some   With the furlough scheme   us build a brilliant world-
                                                            coming to an end, what
                                   sort of ‘normality’?
                                                                                    leading print sector, and
           questions on            There are 2 key issues:   support measures would   in skills. Apprenticeship
                                                            BPIF like to see put in place
                                   bringing staff back in and
                                                                                    training has been so key to
           the impact              operating in a way that's   by Government to support   our sector. It's carrying on
           COVID-19 has            safe and COVID-secure,   businesses?             better than in many other
                                                            Demand is rebuilding
                                   and secondly, adapting to
                                                                                    sectors, but we want to see
           had on the              a world and economy that,   quickly, but from a very low   more focus on skills and
                                                                                    training to help the industry
                                   for now at least, is very
                                                            base and may not recover
           industry and            different to how things   to pre-COVID levels for   too.
                                                            some time yet. We would
                                   looked six months ago.
           where the               Our support for the sector   have liked to see the Job   With the recent news of the
           sector might be         moved through stages –   Retention Scheme (JRS)   serious economic downturn,
                                                                                    how do you see our sector
                                   getting the support schemes
                                                            extended in some form, but
           headed.                 developed (and avoiding a   can see how difficult that   moving forward and
                                   sector shutdown), helping   was for Government. When   flourishing?
                                   members understand how   we get to early next year,   We all know that UK print is
                                   to implement these and   cashflow will be particularly   a huge, diverse and, over the
                                   feeding back the issues to   acute for some companies,   medium-term, flourishing
                                   Government, moving through   so flexibility on CBILs loans   sector, and that will remain
                                   to where we are at now –   and on deferred payments   the case. The crisis has
                                   scaling up, staying safe,   such as rates, VAT and so on   meant that organisations
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