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                   Personal resilience can have a big effect on
                   the resilience of a business as a whole


           HOW TO BE MORE


              he ancient Greek       Luckily, resilience isn’t
           Tphilosopher Heraclitus   thought to be something
           was right – the only constant   we’re born with or without.
           in life is change. Perhaps   It can be strengthened and
           nowhere has that been more   improved with conscious
           apt than in the modern   effort and experience. It can
           workplace over the last five   develop and grow as we
           years. The EU referendum,   respond to stressful, high-
           Brexit preparations, three   pressure and impactful
           elections, then COVID-19 has   events.
           made sure that uncertainty   So how can you be more
           is no longer a temporary   resilient at work, and
           blip, but the new status quo.   encourage others to be the
             So how do some people   same?
           seem to ride the wave of                          events and situations –   than trying to get from A
           uncertainty, remain calm   1)  The first step to being   after all, this won’t be the   to B in a single leap which
           and stress-free, and perhaps   more resilient is to   first challenge or setback   may possibly result in
           even make a success of the   acknowledge and accept   you’ve experienced at   failure.
           situation, while the rest of   that some events are   work. The solutions might
           us struggle to bounce back   inevitably beyond your   not be the same this time,    5) Use your support
           and carry on in the face of   control.            but it might generate   network.
           adversity?                Resisting change is often   the confidence to move     Our personal resilience
             The people who seem to   futile and can drain your   forward.           is bolstered when we
           thrive, no matter what, are   energy in the process.                      are supported by others
           often full to the brim of a   But you may be able to   3)  Act now.       – a problem shared is
           personal quality known as   adapt in order to overcome     When we’re not behaving   a problem halved. Your
           resilience. They are adept at   obstacles. Keep things in   resiliently, we often avoid   friends, family and
           effectively handling difficult   perspective – when life   a problem and hope it will   colleagues can also help
           experiences, regulating   goes pear-shaped it's easy   go away, but of course this   keep things in perspective,
           their thoughts and emotions   to default to an overly   rarely works. Adopting a   so nurture a support
           and viewing challenges as   negative response. Make a   practical approach, getting   network in the good times
           opportunities rather than   realistic assessment of the   things moving, will help   because they’ll be vital in
           threats.                  impact. How will it look in   restore a sense of control.   the bad times.
             Whether you’re an       a year’s time?          Once our response feels
           employer or employee,                             under control, we’re far   How resilient are you?
           personal resilience can have   2)  Know your personal   better placed to tackle the   Find out with a
           a big effect on the resilience   strengths and past   problem effectively.   fun Resilience Quiz at
           of a business as a whole.   experiences.                       
           Earlier this year, insurance     Self-belief is fundamental   4)  Favour small steps    article/resilience-quiz.htm
           giant Aviva surveyed 1000   to developing resilience   over a giant leap.
           businesses and found that   against life’s unexpected     Adapting to and   For further information,
           the workforce’s personal   knocks. Have faith in your   coping with difficult   please contact Carys Davis,
           resilience was one of six key   own abilities to deal with   circumstances is often   Public Affairs Adviser, at
           factors that impacted how   and overcome challenges.   best achieved by setting   [email protected]
           well the business prepared   Similarly, draw upon your   small, realistic and
           for and adapted to change.   experiences of comparable   achievable goals rather

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