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                        By the end of June 2020, 3.4 million EU
                        nationals had been granted Settled Status
                        and are therefore entitled to remain in the UK


               FROM THE EUROPEAN

               UNION AFTER BREXIT

                   he rights of EU nationals   Under the proposed new   Home Office should consider
               Tto live and work in the   rules, a worker from outside   applying for a Licence now,
               UK will end on 31 December   the UK will need to score at   as it is expected that there
               2020.                    least 70 points, with 50 of   will be a significant upturn
                 Many businesses in     those in three mandatory   in Licence applications in
               the UK that have migrant   categories:           the early part of next year.
               workers from the EU will                          For employers that
               need to adapt to the changes   » They must be able to speak   currently rely on unskilled
               brought about by the end   English – 10 points   migrant workers, especially   We can predict that
               to free movement, and    » They must have a job offer   those employees who   there will inevitably be
               understand what this will   from an approved sponsor   are transient rather than   job losses and an increase
               mean for the labour market   (employers will have to   permanently based here, the   in unemployment, and
               in the UK.                apply to become Home   Government says it will not   therefore an increase in
                 EU nationals who already   Office Licensed Sponsors)   introduce a low skilled or   people looking for work. But
               live in the UK and who meet   – 20 points        temporary work route, and   that does not necessarily
               the qualifying criteria can   » They must be coming to   instead employers should   mean there will be enough
               still apply for Settled Status,   a job at the appropriate   invest in staff retention,   UK workers to fill the gaps
               and have until the 30 June   skill level (A Level or above   productivity, technology and   left by EU migrant workers,
               2021 to apply (see Inprint   required qualification) – 20   automation. This means   and employers will need to
               issue 57 – March/April 2019   points             that, except for some limited   make roles as attractive as
               for details of the scheme).                      relief for the agricultural   possible.
                 Figures published by the   The remaining 20 points   industry under the seasonal
               Home Office show that by   can be made up from   workers pilot, employers   For more information on
               the end of June 2020, 3.4   a number of different   need to plan now for how   applying for a Sponsor
               million EU nationals had   categories:           they will fill unskilled roles   Licence, contact BPIF
               been granted Settled Status                      in their businesses.    Legal. For help with staff
               and are therefore entitled to   » A salary of between   Employers may consider   retention, contact BPIF
               remain in the UK.         £23,040 and £25,599 – 10   various strategies including:  HR. And for advice and
                 But for Employers who   points                                         information on training and
               want to take on workers   » A salary of more than   » Encouraging their current   apprenticeships, contact
               from the EU (or anywhere   £25,600 – 20 points     EU employees to apply for   BPIF Training.
               else) in the future, there will   » A job offer in a shortage   Settled Status
               be new rules to navigate.   occupation – 20 points  » Developing staff retention   Legal
               From 1 January 2021, the   » Having a PHD degree – 10   initiatives and incentives
               UK will operate a points   points                » Invest in training and   contact-us/legal
               based immigration system.  » Having a PHD degree   apprenticeships
                 The Government has      in engineering, maths,   » Review job descriptions  HR
               indicated that the aim of   science or technology – 20   » Consider pay rate
               the new system is to attract   points              increases             contact-us/hr
               skilled workers from around
               the world, whilst at the same   Employers that are likely   At the time of writing, we   Training
               time encouraging employers   to want to hire workers   don’t yet know the impact
               to stop relying on low skilled   who meet the criteria, but   on the labour market of the   contact-us/training
               and often low paid labour   who don’t already have a   COVID-19 pandemic.
               from EU countries.       Sponsor Licence from the

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